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Ronald Jones

American rapper and singer/songwriter [ SWAE LEE ] wore an RKJ original design to American rapper and singer/songwriter Offset’s birthday bash in Hollywood, CA.

Video footage:


Ronald Jones

[ R - Resentment ] bitter indignation at having been treated unfairly ]

[ O - Obliterates ] destroy utterly; wipe out ]

[ Y - Yielding ] (a substance or object) giving way under pressure; not hard or rigid ]

[ A - Alternatives ] (of one or more things) available as another possibility ]

[ L - Lynching ] kill (someone), especially by hanging, for an alleged offense with or without a legal trial ]

[ T - Testimonial ] A formal statement testifying to someone's character and qualifications ]

[ Y - Yearning ] a feeling of intense longing for something ]

Don't allow the past to control your future! Humans often hinder themselves from evolving because they're too hung up on past encounters. Bad experiences haunt the mind, which leaves them in distraught and mentally crippled. Not realizing the "set back" is actually a testimony in disguise once you choose to face the obstacle and go through the issue. Running from the truth will only cause a loop to formulate, which leads to being lost in the matrix. This process causes self awareness damage, allowing a human to forget about the great attributes they've acquired and contains their focus on the failures/losses. Also known as metal suicide, leaving an empty vessel because lack of faith and guidance from the spirit. This condition can be properly fixed by surrendering control to the most high and acknowledging that you cannot control everything. Then proceed to focus on the things you can control such as your future by managing yourself, causing you to want better. Self motivation will mend your soul, allow your spirit to lead and mind to follow. Once this experience is complete the testimony is created. The story of the journey is to be told and once it is shared, you began to fulfill your true purpose. Obtaining your rightful spot in the Kingdom.

Above are a few photos by Omar Ramos, capturing a few new designs. There's more in the lookbook, go check it out!


Ronald Jones

RKJ co-produced a fashion event that's new to Dallas, Tx. Instead of models walking down a runway, the audience does the walking. Not on a runway but through an antique building where six different designers displayed their brands. RKJ led the crowd, acting as the spiritual guide. Here's a few photos of RKJ's designs that were captured during the event.

Follow me, I’ll be your guide tonight. If you follow me, I’ll lead you in the right direction.

- Ronald K. Jones II


Ronald Jones

On September 23, 2017, RKJ produced a fashion event. This time he also allowed his mother Metruis Jones add in a few of her ideas as well. She picked a few performers to warm the crowd, while still applying real messages before the actual fashion show. RKJ began to understand his purpose and mission in life around this time in the journey. Of course that had to be displayed through out the fashion portion. RKJ worked hard on each new design he showcased at this event with guidance from his mentor Aretha Foster. Pay close attention!

There’s several Civil Wars happening right now. Within yourself, family, race and a spiritual war as well. You can win, never back down and wave your black flag. Complete the mission!

- Ronald K. Jones II


Ronald Jones

Here's a few photos and video documentation of RKJ leading a few individuals through an exhibition in North Park Mall. Something that has never been done before in the area!


Ronald Jones

RKJ back at it again! July 14, 2017 a concert and fashion show was produced to showcase the talents of local musicians and fashion designers. The showcase was held in downtown Dallas in DEEP ELLUM, off Main St and Malcolm X. The Quixotic Word is a place where imagination runs wild and dreams are manifested. Here's a list of performers that rocked the stage for the concert portion of the event: LYN, G7, JEANTAVUS, DALI VOODOO, ALI MOZART, M3CCA, TARYN MITCHELL and SEAN AUSTIN. RKJ personally introduced the artists to the audience by giving them insight on the artist's development and current status. Each artist left a great impression on the audience by sharing their stories. They all gave a piece of themselves by being transparent and pouring their hearts out through music. RKJ also did the same for K Daniels and Yik Styles who joined RKJ once again to showcase their talented clothing brands. This showcase was even more personal than the previous RKJ Experiences and it was evident through the intimate set up. Speaking of the set up, RKJ went to the venue a day before the event with his mother to personally place each chair for the audience to sit in. As RKJ made sure each chair had a great view of the stage and runway his mother captured him in action, hence the video.

This time I want to show them a different side of RKJ. Uncut, sexy, real and UNLEASHED.

- Ronald K. Jones II


Ronald Jones

Ronald K. Jones II marched into a small town named Minden, Louisiana to produce a RKJ Experience, which is where his parents Ronald & Warmetrius Jones were born and raised. Since Minden is a small town, the citizens are often overlooked. Without many activities to participate in or attend its easy to lack faith or dream big. Warmetrius knew about the issue so she decided to bring an idea to the table. She mentioned having a fashion show in Minden to friends and family on Facebook. Everyone loved the idea so she proceeded to talk with Ronald and he did as well.

The experience given at this show was different because it was not only a fashion show but a gospel concert as well. Empowering Our Youth generated a buzz through out the city, which created a platform for local Minden youth and entertainers. Entertainers such as Kaiya Perry who played Grace in the movie 'A Girl Like Grace,' pageant contender Grace Powell who wowed the crowd with her angelic voice, Miss La, Miss Red River City and many more. Well known singers Angela Willsand Linda McDaniel also tore the house down when singing live. Safe to say the atmosphere was illuminated.  A few local models walked the runway as well. Delta Sigma Theta Sorority also embraced the movement by purchasing tickets for their youth groups.

Ronald felt humbled by the chance to provide hope and motivation for the youth and anyone else who attended the fashion show. After the models shredded the runway, Ronald began to give a speech. The speech explained a few key elements to life and helped the audience understand everything may not be what it appears to be. Many audience members appreciated the unique view and embraced the words that were spoken. Some say they needed the message and it helped them remove negativity from their life. Ronald's goal was to provide a great show and move the audience's mind in a positive direction. It's safe to say the goal was accomplished.

“I want the audience to come as they are but leave differently than they came. I want to plant a positive seed that will grow as they continue their journey.”

— Ronald K. Jones II

Ronald drove a group of models into Minden, Louisiana on the day of the show in the RKJ mobile with hair stylist Bree Levingston trailed in her own vehicle. Make up artists Dejia Wright and Ceinna Hayes also drove from Dallas to Louisiana as well to "beat faces." The event was not only successful but it grabbed the attention of a few important people. The next day, Ronald and Warmetrius found themselves in a meeting discussing making the show an annual event. RKJ will be back in Louisiana sooner than later.

RKJ Model Line Up

SONIA Quezada  RAIVON Smith AUSTIN Vincent FAITH Cartee TERRANCE T. Teague II

SHERELYN Weber YAKIYN Halliburton KENNEDI Brown JB Fountain



Ronald Jones

April 9, 2017, Ronald K. Jones II produced a fashion show to celebrate his birthday in Dallas, Texas. Ronald figured he would rather spend time working towards his future than going out to party and he believes his future self will appreciate it. At 7:00 PM the doors for the event opened and remained open until midnight. Three events occurred in one lofty space. The overall purpose of the event was to display the different aspects of art. To do so, three realms were created for the audience to endure a pleasurable experience.

The courtyard realm is where the music thrived throughout the night, hosted by the live DJ named Marley Foxx and the artist that performed such as Ali Mozart, Bianca, Loners Club and Krissy D. The concert line up of music artists brought great vibes and energy to the courtyard. Inside is where you could find both the film and fashion realms. The film realm consisted of black & white fashion short films that played throughout the night on a tight schedule. To the left of the projector, talented live painters that blew away those who took the time to watch them create. The VIP members were offered catered food and cocktails that were served in the film realm. Last, but not least, the fashion ballroom is where vendors and the runway was located. The runway was designed by Ronald from a vision that came to him after visiting April S. Braxton. April discussed a speech her father gave and it sparked the doors concept that was used. April also helped sponsor the fashion show, which was a huge blessing. The jungle like runway was executed by talented models who showcased the great work of 4 Designers: Yik Styles, Lady of InfluenceKeiAndrea Daniels and Ronald K. Jones II.

“God is up to something in your life, let him work. Put your pride aside and let him work, new beginnings.”

— Ronald K. Jones II

This show was a personal turning point for Ronald K. Jones II. When giving his speech at the end of the show, Ronald had to take a moment to keep it together because he almost shed tears of joy and gratefulness because in that moment he looked around and realized how blessed he was. Blessed to have so much support around him, so much love was felt and it was an amazing experience. It was as if God spoke to him in the midst of everything that was happening and opened his eyes to his true purpose. 


Ronald Jones


COSIGN magazine is a clothing consumer magazine. Cosign has an online platform that focuses on fashion, music, entrepreneurs, art and lifestyle. Ronald K. Jones II received an invitation by Willie Johnson to display RKJ in Cosign's 5 year anniversary show case. 

RKJ tore up the runway! With every new piece came a ferociously eloquent model that seemed to give off a roar that resonated loudly amongst the audience and fellow designers.  Heads turned, hands applauded, and an ovation followed, standing. Ronald's act concluded with a bow, and a smile of gratitude. 

There were important people in attendance: DEDE from K104 radio station [DEDE in the morning], BRI Barlup from Little Women: Atlanta, Raquel from CW33, SARAH Badran and more. They all seem to have taken quite an interest in both Ronald and RKJ, itself, for interviews came about. STEPHANIE Schirru chose Ronald to interview with CW33, a Dallas Television Station. The interview aired @ 6:30pm on August 31, 2016.  


Ronald Jones


TGX is an event that looked to provide an experience like no other. The mission was to give the audience the opportunity to view different elements of art. TGX platform made it possible to feed the art to the audience in a buffet style. There were three total TGX events done this summer in 2016.

The theme for the last show was solely based around hope and unity. Following the tragedies of multiple "African American" males who were brutally executed by policemen world wide. Instead of long lectures, the audience was observing live painting, hip-hop dance and even opera singing that demonstrated acts of violence. Many strong messages were provided during this show and many people felt the electricity in the air. Attendees were granted the opportunity to meet the artists who produced the masterful works of art as well. 

Ronald's positions included; Creative consultant, stylist, quality control, stage designer, event planner, event coordinator and host. Seems like it would be a lot of work but Ronald knew it must be done.

It’s a lot easier to get everything done when you know you’re building the foundation for your future.
— Ronald K. Jones II

TGX was put together by the Wright Art twins [PRINCETON and PRESTON Wright] and Ronald K. Jones IITGX will have more shows in the future, when the time is right so stay alert as this journey continues. Peace, love and happiness!