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Ronald Jones


TGX is an event that looked to provide an experience like no other. The mission was to give the audience the opportunity to view different elements of art. TGX platform made it possible to feed the art to the audience in a buffet style. There were three total TGX events done this summer in 2016.

The theme for the last show was solely based around hope and unity. Following the tragedies of multiple "African American" males who were brutally executed by policemen world wide. Instead of long lectures, the audience was observing live painting, hip-hop dance and even opera singing that demonstrated acts of violence. Many strong messages were provided during this show and many people felt the electricity in the air. Attendees were granted the opportunity to meet the artists who produced the masterful works of art as well. 

Ronald's positions included; Creative consultant, stylist, quality control, stage designer, event planner, event coordinator and host. Seems like it would be a lot of work but Ronald knew it must be done.

It’s a lot easier to get everything done when you know you’re building the foundation for your future.
— Ronald K. Jones II

TGX was put together by the Wright Art twins [PRINCETON and PRESTON Wright] and Ronald K. Jones IITGX will have more shows in the future, when the time is right so stay alert as this journey continues. Peace, love and happiness!