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About Our Brand

About Our Brand


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RKJ is a designer brand that consists of high quality apparel. Products range from t-shirts and hoodies to multiple hand crafted collections. Each design is made with unique style and suitable for diverse crowds. RKJ men's, women's and unisex clothing allows consumers to feel comfortable in eminent apparel. This designer brand features trend setting fabrics and tapered cuts that are fashionable for men but easily encapsulate the aesthetics of a woman's figure, which is how the unisex category came about. RKJ is where simplicity meets contemporary; after all, "Simplicity is always in good taste." We are committed to providing you with quality service. We like to build long term relationships with our customers and form them into clients so welcome to the family. Your satisfaction is a top priority, not just because it's our job, but because we really do care. 


There's numerous reasons to support RKJ, here's a few. The main purpose of the designer brand is to bring unity and self love back into a world that seem to lack both. With every show produced by Ronald K. Jones II to showcase RKJ's newest collections, a message is implemented that plants a seed in the mind and hearts of the audience. That seed allows the audience to receive a true experience they can remember and feel as they continue their journey. RKJ also loves to give back to it's supporters and the community by offering food, beverages, energy, great service and amazing talent at each show. Providing a platform for artists to display their talents and capture a new audience and having shows such as 'Empowering Our Youth.'

EMPOWERING OUR YOUTH is a show that was created to inspire and redirect. Ronald K. Jones II marched into a small town named Minden, Louisiana to produce a fashion show and give an RKJ Experience. Minden is where Ronald's parents [Ronald & Warmetrius Jones] was born and raised. Since Minden is a small town, the citizens are often overlooked so they don't have many activities to participate in or attend. Warmetrius knew about the issue so she decided to bring up the idea of having a RKJ fashion show in Minden to friends and family on Facebook. Everyone loved the idea so she proceeded to talk with Ronald and he did as well. Click READ MORE to learn more about this event.

Ronald also produced THE GALLERY EXPERIENCE, a special edition was solely based around hope and unity. The show was following the tragedies of multiple minorites who were brutally executed by policemen world wide, it was a deep and moving event. Click READ MORE to learn more about this event.