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Ronald Jones

April 9, 2017, Ronald K. Jones II produced a fashion show to celebrate his birthday in Dallas, Texas. Ronald figured he would rather spend time working towards his future than going out to party and he believes his future self will appreciate it. At 7:00 PM the doors for the event opened and remained open until midnight. Three events occurred in one lofty space. The overall purpose of the event was to display the different aspects of art. To do so, three realms were created for the audience to endure a pleasurable experience.

The courtyard realm is where the music thrived throughout the night, hosted by the live DJ named Marley Foxx and the artist that performed such as Ali Mozart, Bianca, Loners Club and Krissy D. The concert line up of music artists brought great vibes and energy to the courtyard. Inside is where you could find both the film and fashion realms. The film realm consisted of black & white fashion short films that played throughout the night on a tight schedule. To the left of the projector, talented live painters that blew away those who took the time to watch them create. The VIP members were offered catered food and cocktails that were served in the film realm. Last, but not least, the fashion ballroom is where vendors and the runway was located. The runway was designed by Ronald from a vision that came to him after visiting April S. Braxton. April discussed a speech her father gave and it sparked the doors concept that was used. April also helped sponsor the fashion show, which was a huge blessing. The jungle like runway was executed by talented models who showcased the great work of 4 Designers: Yik Styles, Lady of InfluenceKeiAndrea Daniels and Ronald K. Jones II.

“God is up to something in your life, let him work. Put your pride aside and let him work, new beginnings.”

— Ronald K. Jones II

This show was a personal turning point for Ronald K. Jones II. When giving his speech at the end of the show, Ronald had to take a moment to keep it together because he almost shed tears of joy and gratefulness because in that moment he looked around and realized how blessed he was. Blessed to have so much support around him, so much love was felt and it was an amazing experience. It was as if God spoke to him in the midst of everything that was happening and opened his eyes to his true purpose.